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The Hidden Hand Behind the US Border Crisis

by Bruce Haring

It’s been interesting times lately on our southern border, and we mean that in the Chinese sense of the phrase. Suddenly, thousands of people from Central America, some of them unaccompanied minors, have decamped from their homes and arrived in the US. It’s anticipated that over 50,000 will make their way across the border this year.

There have been news reports indicating that violence in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala is driving their trek. But given the history of violence in those countries, which have annually ranked among the most violent in the world, thanks to street and drug crime plus civil wars, it would be hard for anyone to distinguish why there’s a sudden rush to the exits.

Similarly, grinding poverty is no stranger to Central America. Economic opportunities are low, and education levels are not elite.

It would be naïve to assume that the young people arriving in the US can navigate on their own from Central America across Mexico to the US. It’s obvious that someone, somewhere is pushing an agenda that it’s a border free-for-all in Texas, so come on down. Like in football, if you break the plain, it’s a touchdown.

So it’s natural to assume that there is a prime mover in this mass exodus. The question that needs to be asked is encapsulated in the Latin phrase cui bono, to whose benefit?   Here is a list of the usual suspects that can be rounded up, some of them borderline fantastic, others within the realm of possibility to drive this massive change in behavior.

1) The Drug Cartels — Their violence and recruiting is often cited as a reason for the exodus. But it may very well be that they are sending more employees to the US as a way to make it difficult to round up all of their distributors. Coyotes don’t work cheap, so someone is putting up some traveling money.

2) The Vanguard of a Fifth Column — The camps that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has built around the US, and the federal strategy of buying large stores of ammunition in the last year, have never been satisfactorily explained. If you want to don a tin-foil hat, you can buy into the claims that the “children” being imported (many of whom need shaving gear) are the first soldiers of a Fifth Column, that will be called on in the coming federal takeover.

3) The North American Union — What better way to blur the lines of the current borders than to make it increasingly easy to cross from one country to the next without having to show papers, as they do in the European Union? Overwhelmed Border Patrols are already more caretakers than enforcers. The only problem with this theory is that Mexico might be forced to shoulder more of the burden in a New World Order, instead of helping economic refugees along the way, as they currently do.

4) The Catholic Church — Worried that many US parishes will be bankrupted by molestation lawsuits, the church is encouraging some of its most loyal parishioners northward, there to buttress the dwindling attendance of the faithful at Sunday services and to replenish the coffers. BREAKING:  The news site WND reports that Catholic Charities USA and at least eight other religious organizations have contracts with the federal government to resettle immigrants. Follow the money….

5) The Cloward-Piven Strategy — This is a political strategy first put forth in 1966 by professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. They believed that overloading the US welfare system would precipitate a crisis, that would lead to a guaranteed national income and an end to poverty. If that’s the plan, the proponents of it are certainly on the right track by overloading the US system, as witnessed by the numerous emergency rooms forced to close in areas with large number of immigrants.

6) The Chamber of Commerce — This is one of the most likely backers of the exodus. Industries like meat packing, agriculture, and fast food rely on a stream of cheap labor. Encouraging workers to come to the US is a way to bolster the available labor pool and put a stop to those advocating for a $15 per hour wage.

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