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If You Like Your Gas Stove, You Can Keep It… For Now

by Robert Wayne

One of the curious aspects about the Democratic Party today is its love of all things electric and its hatred of all things gas. That doesn’t just extend to gasoline, it’s natural gas as well. Not content to try to force us all to drive electric cars and use mass transportation, Democrats may now have your gas stove in their sights.

If you enjoy cooking, you probably understand the difference between gas and electric ranges, and you probably prefer cooking with gas. The ability to heat water quickly, make quick temperature changes, and keep food from burning is far easier with gas stoves than with electric. But Democratic lawmakers and regulators across the country have been launching a campaign to try to publicize the “dangers” of gas stoves.

You see, gas stoves aren’t completely clean burning, and can put off combustion byproducts into the air in our houses. Most of us don’t have to worry about that, because we have stove hoods, exhaust fans, or breathable houses that dissipate those byproducts. But Democratic scaremongers are trying to make gas stoves into a bogeyman that can cause asthma, cancer, and respiratory problems.

They know that no one who loves gas stove cooking will voluntarily give it up, and so they’re floating the possibility of banning gas stoves outright. And eventually they’ll probably move on to take on gas-powered water heaters, furnaces, etc.

The goal is to get everyone on electricity, which for some reason they think is cleaner, even if that electricity is produced by burning natural gas. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before they try to switch everything over to “renewable” energy.

If that causes rolling blackouts and brownouts, or if people aren’t able to heat their homes or cook food because they’ve had their gas appliances banned, that’s a feature, not a bug, to Democrats. None of these measures being discussed is actually intended to make you better off. It’s intended to control you and the way you live, and to force you to live the way Democrats want you to.

Now’s the time for Americans to decide whether they want to remain slaves who are at the Democratic Party’s mercy, or if they’re going to break their shackles and start living like a free people once more.

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