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Cyberattack Disrupts Prescription Services Across U.S. Pharmacies

by Richard A Reagan

A cybersecurity breach at Change Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest healthcare technology companies, has led to considerable delays in the processing of prescription orders. [Source]

The attack, which was first detected on Wednesday morning on the East Coast, has caused a ripple effect, affecting both small family-owned pharmacies and large chains alike.

Change Healthcare acknowledged the cyberattack in a statement, highlighting the immediate steps taken to mitigate further damage.

“Change Healthcare is experiencing a network interruption related to a cyber security issue and our experts are working to address the matter,” the company stated. 

The fallout from this cyberattack has been widespread, with pharmacies from various corners of the country reporting difficulties in processing patients’ orders.

An announcement from the 22nd Medical Group, based around McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas, captured the sentiment of many, stating, “We are experiencing a temporary pharmacy outage… We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work diligently to resolve the issue.”

Amid the turmoil, larger chains such as CVS Health have reassured the public that their systems remain uncompromised, although the disruption has affected their operations.

“There is no indication that CVS Health’s systems have been compromised,” a spokesperson for CVS told Fox Business. They further elaborated on the company’s commitment to maintaining access to care, noting, “We have business continuity plans in place to minimize disruption of service and apologize for any inconvenience our customers and members may experience.”

The cyberattack’s impact extends beyond the immediate inconvenience to patients and pharmacies.

The lack of a definitive timeline for the restoration of Change Healthcare’s services adds to the uncertainty, with pharmacies and their customers bracing for what could be an extended period of disruption. [Source]

Notably, the attack revealed the resilience of smaller pharmacies, such as Canadian Lakes Pharmacy in Michigan, which informed its customers about the billing challenges and adjusted its services to ensure minimal disruption. 

Change Healthcare has committed to providing updates, while pharmacies and healthcare providers nationwide adapt to the challenges posed by this cybersecurity breach.

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